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Jonathan Carrera, LinkedIn

March 1

The following is a list of five video and audio content trends, big and small, that are transforming the digital media landscape. Depending on your particular ecosystem, their popularity can range from ice cold to blazing hot, but I believe all of them are still in their early phases of adoption and some will have far reaching effects for content creators.

1. Channel flip web video intros

The first web videos had intros that were 30 seconds long as if they were television shows. Then the intros became 10 seconds long. Then 3 seconds. Then 1 second by consisting of only a logo and maybe a musical note. Then the intro disappeared entirely and the video started directly with an interviewee answering a question (often with the question written on screen.) Now videos are starting mid-sentence, as if you had just flipped the channel of a television.

2. Live streaming

I predict that the new live streaming boon will continue to disrupt digital media in a way more significant than expected, causing creators of all sizes to rethink their resources and rebuild their content creation strategy. Two case studies are Cheddar, a live streaming news channel focused on millennials, and Bloomberg’s recent launch of TicToc, a live streaming channel on Twitter.

3. Twitter Live

Twitter is the underdog for live streaming, but many publishers have larger and more active communities on Twitter than they do on Facebook, making Twitter a more attractive option for live streaming. Plus, Twitter does not try to prevent publishers from simultaneously streaming to other platforms. I believe Bloomberg's TicToc is the harbinger of Twitter's growing power.

4. Live streaming audio podcasts

Some publishers want to do video series. Some want to do live streaming. Others want to do audio podcasts. But for those with pre-existing video and audio capabilities, they can create multi-platform content that exists in all three forms by live streaming their podcast on a platform like Twitter, then having that video exist on other platforms like Facebook and YouTube, and then having the audio-only version of the podcast pushed out onto iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher.

5. Branded podcasts

Thanks to the success of branded podcasts like eBay’s Open for Business and GE’s The Message, many marketers have become aware of the alluring power of audio storytelling. As podcasts are a relatively new and nascent marketing product, I believe the growth in branded podcast development and production will be dramatic over the next several years.

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