The Importance of Email Interactivity


Dianna Albanese, SourceMedia

April 1

Since the dawn of digital marketing, email has been a crucial element to a successful campaign — even more so for business-to-business organizations. Click through rates are higher for B2B email campaigns than B2C email campaigns.

However, B2B marketers shouldn’t send off an email and hope for the best. A business must stand out from the crowd. Therefore, it’s important to focus on email interactivity. According to MarTech Advisor, adding interactive content to your email increases the click-to-open rate of your email by 73%. Like any other marketing effort, your emails should be personalized and engage recipients.

There are many ways to increase your email’s interactivity to convert those on the receiving end:

  1. Optimize for mobile. It’s 2019, consumers are on-the-go, and nearly everything is being done on a mobile device. In terms of email, more than half are opened on a mobile device. Make sure you integrate mobile-friendly email templates, imagery and sign-up forms. Marketers should also utilize all real estate, including a powerful (but short) subject line and preheader text.

  2. Use images, videos or polls. A marketer can’t expect results if they write an essay in their email. Break up pieces of text using eye-catching images, videos and interactive bits like polls and surveys.

  3. Have a loud-and-clear CTA. A call-to-action can be the most powerful part of the email, telling consumers where to go and driving conversions. Pay attention to language, creating a sense of urgency, placement and design. These can all change the effectiveness of your CTA significantly.

  4. Personalization is key — and it goes beyond putting the recipient’s name in the subject line. Email recipients are more likely to respond favorably to an email if it looks like it was personally created for them. This can include emails triggered by actions taken on a site, personalized incentives and imagery tailored to the user’s interests.

Once your marketing team has checked off all of the interactivity boxes, how can you integrate your email campaigns with your business’ other digital efforts?

Social Media
The key for making email and social media work together is simple:

  • Use social media to grow your email subscriber list.
  • Use email to promote sharing on social media and grow your follower count.

It doesn’t stop at social media; there are plenty of channels that work well with email. One additional approach includes blogging. You can use your blog to promote your email list and vice versa.

  • Leverage your blog to create consistent email newsletters, promoting content you post on a timely basis.
  • Utilize HTML space — specifically the footer of the email — to add opt-ins for recipients to get on board with your blog.

Like blogging, SEO and email can work together to create a more seamless, engaging overall marketing strategy, driving traffic from email to your website and vice versa.

  • Use UTM parameters to track clicks and get information on how recipients are interacting with your email. This can be included in your overall SEO reporting. Utilize tools like Google Analytics to get the metrics.
  • Add share buttons to your emails. This gets your website content more views and shares, and associates the two efforts.

Email interactivity and how you integrate your email marketing strategy with other digital marketing efforts go hand-in-hand. Having clearly defined goals for your emails is key to a successful campaign.

Email interactivity? Check.

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