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Dianna Albanese, SourceMedia

April 26

Got tech? According to Marketing Tech, more people will have mobile phones (5.4 billion) than electricity (5.3 billion), running water (3.5 billion) and cars (2.8 billion) by 2020.

Gone are the days when the only screen you looked at was the television after work. The rapidly growing interest in mobile is one of the many patterns we as a society have seen develop, including and related to how we access content and how quickly we dismiss it. In a world of short attention spans and endlessly-moving timelines, advertisers must find new ways to keep their brand at the forefront of the consumer mind. One of the solutions to this problem is the high-impact ad unit.

Marketing Tech defines high-impact ad units as “[ads] designed to be interactive and encourage brand engagement among consumers through multiple touch points and placements that consider the mobile and tablet behavior patterns of consuming content and overall user experience.”

Catching - and keeping - consumer attention is no easy task. Today, it’s all about building meaningful relationships and connections with your target audiences, and advertisers need to get creative. With high-impact ad units, advertisers introduce a fresh, new style of advertising that is both engaging and increases ROI.

According to Register Media, four high-impact ad units with high ROI include:

1. Interactive takeovers that attract user attention.
2. Pre-roll ads that make sure videos get seen.
3. Gravity advertising that takes viewer experience to the next level.
4. Push down ads that make your content the focus.

Utilizing high-impact ad units also presents the opportunity for companies to increase their brand value and status in the eyes of the consumer. A study published by the Journal of Advertising Research titled, “A Model for Delivering Branding Value Through High-Impact Digital Advertising” revealed the following:

“...high-impact digital advertising is a powerful means to influencer consumer attitudes and behaviors toward brands and their products. These digital formats can play an important role in the overall digital portfolio, especially when making an impression on the consumer for the first time.”

In the study, high-impact ad units for Kellogg’s Special K® were tested against other forms of advertising and proved to be more successful in terms of measuring advertisement and brand recognition as a metric. Results from the study also showed that high-impact formats also led to “improved ‘playback’ (or proven recall) or key creative messaging.”

With high-impact ad units, brands can create memorable content experiences for consumers, build relationships with their audiences and make advertising enjoyable again.


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