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Dianna Albanese, SourceMedia

May 22

The B2B community has welcomed the age of digital transformation and innovation with open arms, bringing profound changes to the marketing industry, which also includes conferences and events. Now more than ever, event managers can collect copious amounts of data in real-time and utilize technology to engage attendees and followers before, during and after the event.

Artificial intelligence has become a first-tier source of how marketers collect and analyze important data in order to better understand their audiences. According to Adweek,

“Leveraging a machine learning algorithm, planners could better estimate how many attendees will convene, or anticipate how many supplies or products each attendee will need.”

Not only will this save the event host money, but it can provide valuable insight on what parts of the events were a big hit and what they can do without next year. Along with event data, AI has been used in the event industry to facilitate in-person meetings, organize actions and meeting spots and provide assistance for event attendees via chatbots. It can even personalize experiences for specific attendees and suggest speaking engagements or panels that would best suit them.

According to eventmobi, it’s imperative to create an event community to increase attendee loyalty and engagement. says we’ve entered the “Age of Experience” where every event “now has the potential to become an immersive experience marked by authenticity and lasting engagement.” Using technology such as virtual reality, augmented reality and 3-D, brands can combine digital and physical aspects of an event to create an even more engaging experience for attendees, turning them into participants. In order to capitalize on the “Age of Experience,” marketers must engage attendees pre-, during and post-event.

There are many options to choose from when deciding how your brand can innovate an event and take advantage of digital in a way that prioritizes attendee experience. One way to do this is to invest in an RFID system. According to Eventbrite, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) can already be found in hotel key cards, highway toll collection systems, employee badges and more, and it’s only just beginning to transform events. RFID enables a chip to communicate with an RFID scanner via radio signals. At events, the chip is usually embedded in either a wristband or badge, with scanners positioned at entrances. Some events have gone as far as allowing wristbands to be used for purchases, special access to specific panels at a conference and social media uploads.

Using RFID at your events has many benefits including:

  • Getting attendees inside events quickly.
  • Collecting real time insights.
  • Eliminating fraud.
  • Going cashless.
  • Strengthening connections with sponsors with more robust, accurate attendee data for follow-up.

Another way to innovate your event is to create an smartphone application for attendees to access information related to the event, communicate with other attendees and participate in games. Event apps can include discussion boards, maps of the event, a social media tracker, a news feed, contests, schedules for speaking events, surveys and more. Many events include a some sort of gamification aspect with a leaderboard for attendees to compete with other people for prizes, with challenges including visiting certain booths or checking in at speaking engagements. With an app, you can keep attendees engaged, informed and collect data related to their activity.

As technology continues to develop, it is certain that event-goers and conference attendees will see more innovation within their different industries, whether it be related to attendee experience or data collection. With the event industry becoming more and more competitive, these updates are imperative to an event’s overall success.


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