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Dianna Albanese, SourceMedia

February 26

Marketing is dramatically changing. Data is becoming increasingly accessible, customer experience strategies are at an all-time high, and the days where simple banner ads and lead generation campaigns would suffice are over. With campaign successes and failures come new data, and many businesses are having trouble deciphering what most of it means.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is crucial to adapting to the future of marketing. According to CB Insights, AI locates patterns, recognizes trends, and allows marketers to build plausible marketing strategies by ingesting and analyzing massive amounts of unstructured data beyond human cognition. It exists to quickly complete the task of monumental-scale research, and organize data in a way that is easily digestible for communications teams.

With the right data, marketers and advertisers are able to immediately locate strong and weak points in day-to-day efforts, as well as campaigns. According to a study conducted by Videology, 69% of digital advertisers say they use their first-party data for media planning or buying, while 61% use it to develop insights about their customers and about half use it to maintain customer relationships. All of the respondents surveyed are using first-party data most often to retarget existing customers, however, more than half are also using it to measure the effectiveness of a media campaign or to tailor messaging on past behaviors.

With the help of AI, companies can create a plan based on organized data. One approach is account-based marketing, or ABM. According to a May 2017 survey from #FlipMyFunnel and B2B News Network, some of the most popular tools used by B2B marketers in North America to engage target accounts with ABM include one-on-one email outreach, phone calls, social media and blogs.

Knowing this, B2B companies must invest in the necessary changes needed to keep themselves ahead of the learning curve. If they fail to adapt, they will be unable to connect with their audiences, unable to utilize data and unable to effectively market.

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